Why does the Sky Browser crashes and hangs sometimes?

I’ve been having problems like sudden crashes, errors, stop error screens, mostly 503 with the sky viewer lately and is there something related to these crshes/hangs?

I seen these too. Should we ask @dstn?

You can always check Legacy Survey Sites
which is checked by the UptimeRobot service. If that page says it’s up, then chances are the issue is on your end!

As for “crashes”, what do you mean?

Crashes mean when the LS sky viewer switches to online to 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable and then comes back online. What causes this (including hangs)

I have noted that when looking for new star clusters, the viewer just stops loading the data completely, and if zoomed in during this time, the quality does not recover. A refresh gives me a 503.

Happened a bunch lately indeed.

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Agreed. issue seems to reside with nginx

I must admit when going through csv lists the viewer often stops loading the complete image for a new object, frustratingly a lot of the times the center tile which is the object of interest :joy:

I then click next & back to make it load the last bits & pieces of the complete image / area

So yeah I’ve experienced this stalling effect too, rarely tye 503 message, I thought this was maybe caused by heavy traffic to/from the viewer or something :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve only experienced about 5 times when I was in legacysurvey.org so how about I ask dustin.

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2023-04-17-17-47-28 I am getting hangs in the viewer, some of the tiles and features are refusing to load.

I redeployed it, try now


Thank you. I have said and the above comments, what causes these hangs?

There is not a simple answer to that question

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I don’t know either, might be my internet lol

Hello dstn: What causes the viewer to crash: to go from online to 503 service temporarily unavailable, then a few minutes later it comes back?

I already answered that question above in response to Chris’s same question: it’s complicated.

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I thought he meant hangs, he said about crashes.

As far as I can tell, those are all the same thing

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Ok. so we don’t even know.

Viewer extremely laggy and 503 crashes rampant, again