When you zoom in, the images in the DR-10 Early fade to black

When you zoom in, the images in the DR-10 fade to black early. Lots are experiencing this. Is there a way to fix it?

As Dustin explained, they are doing a bunch of file reorganization in advance of releasing DR10, so things may be a bit bumpy for a bit.

It’s been stopped working for a week or two. Right now SDSS, and some other layers are working right now.

Presumably when DR10 is released, things will go back to normal.


Would this be fixed? Hopefully before DR10.

Weeks later, getting worse, as SDSS is experiencing the same and not fixed yet. :pensive:

SDSS works fine to my knowledge. Where are you looking? Is it outside the SDSS footprint?

SDSS is working fine for me too.

SDSS is working for me now, but the images between zooms 14 and 16 go black just like DR10 early. I hope this gets fixed so that I can continue my project I’ve been working on.

Oh, the JPL link doesn’t work anymore Wuld things hopefully go back to normal?

SDSS is working fine for me at zooms 14 15 and 16. Not sure why its working for some people but not others…

DR10-early however, does break at zoom 14 for me, but I expect that will be fixed when the full DR10 is released.

What browser are you using? For me, in Firefox on Mac, SDSS works fine all the way down to zoom level 16. I also checked on Chrome, Safari, and Opera, and it works fine in all.

I’m using Windows 11 in the latest Chrome update. Chrome 108. I’m going to have to look at a browser inspection.
I cannot find any error message regarding these. It could be a script issue on one of the layers,

Suddenly, SDSS started working again at zoom 14, 15, and 16, but it sometimes goes black again at some other spot.

Maybe the SDSS layer is broken? I am so confused to why on some occasions it works and some occasions it doesn’t work.

Maybe The problem is mixed content?

Edit, maybe this

Aha, that must be it. Thanks! I am hoping to get DR10 finished today and pushed to production, so will aim to get SDSS fixed at the same time.

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Oh, SDSS is back. Some reason it wasn’t working.

Okay, so I updated the DR10 layer, and also set all layers to use HTTPS, so please have a look around and let me know if you see anything still broken!

(oh wait, “single exposures” link for DR10 not working yet…)


Okay, everything should be good now?

Image problem solved, not the single image exposures. I got an Django error message…

AttributeError at /exposures/

And would it be a clever idea to split the grz and grz+i images?