What is magenta/light purple thing?

the magenta dot is visible

2017-09-12 @ 01:16:05.122855
2017-09-19 @ 00:46:37.607799
2017-10-15 @ 02:16:34.228698

but not

2013-09-05 @ 00:49:01.164011
2016-10-02 @ 00:48:14.414677

Btw. incidentally, not only in one band, but in all of them g, r and z

https://www.wis-tns.org/search gives no result (if i used it correctly)

P.S. right in the near…

…there is another magenta point nearby, which I used for comparison. But this looks rather unspectacular to me, because firstly only really appears in the z-band (a little in the r) and is also visible on all images in the z-band.
So I think the magenta point mentioned above might be something special.

This looks to be a supernova, visible in exposures ranging from 2017-08-03 to 2017-10-15. Couldn’t be found on TNS or BSP so it looks like you found a new one. :slight_smile:

Edit: It kind-of-is in the legacy Surveys DR9 catalog but the marked area is a bit off - and the given magnitude looks a bit too high (magnitudes have a negative scale) so unfortunately I’m unable to report this. :frowning:

Maybe @Ine could help here? :slight_smile:

Hello, :slight_smile:

I think it is an unreported #supernova candidate. I want to report but first I have to report two other supenova candidates. And I have to calculate an Apparent magnitude because there is no given magnitude in one of the DECaLS catalogs. To report I need your real name. TNS does not accept nicknames. But if you don’t want this I can put your nickname in the comments section. So it is up to you. :slight_smile:

kind regards from Ine

Oh, I would of course be very happy, Ine. I wrote you a short private message about this and would be very happy if I would be named there as a finder.

P.S. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be online here for the entire last week, but at the weekend I’ll go straight back to looking for new interesting things.