About as open as an open spiral can be


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Somehow a bit of poor processing in the SGA-2020, these additional galaxies will be revised and removed into the SGA-2024 project

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Off to reporting!

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I have reported it!

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@ChrisSnell88 @TriShotFlurry I wanted to quickly chime in and thank you for all the visual inspection work you’re doing for the SGA (specifically) and the Legacy Surveys (in general). I am keeping track of the feedback on Github and will be working (beginning this summer) to fix as many problems (and to incorporate as much of your feedback) as possible in the next version of the atlas.

Please keep it coming!



Thank you, Moustakas for your reply.
I am planning to create an improved galaxy database query from LEDA (which lists most missing galaxies by executing LEDA query.
You can read more here.