Siena Galaxy Atlas 2024 plans

Hi staff!
I never get any response from the GitHub pages besides I’ve been looking for the sources of these missing SGA-2020 galaxies.

I queried several HyperLEDA samples with object types of ‘G’ and ‘g’ and the sources of many of these galaxies were missing because their diameters weren’t estimated, or were classified with an object type of ‘g’. I’ve run a HyperLEDA query with the following:



objtype='G' OR objtype='g'


File output: TXT with TAB separator

I then downloaded the file as a TXT file to remove galaxies that were either too small to be included within the SGA-2024 atlas or were spurious.

You will need to convert the RA because the selection contains coordinates in decimal hours instead of decimal degrees.

I am planning to:

  • Add a “KEEP” tab to keep the original diameters of poorly-measured SGA-2020 galaxies
  • Revise galaxies with missing diameters (Galaxies we went over that have missing diameters will be replaced with 0.25, 0, and 0 values if a line is null. I will go over these objects with missing diameters.
  • Add galaxies that were not included in LEDA (Missing large galaxies will be cross-identified with the original catalog
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I am currently going over the list (with almost 5 million galaxies) that need to be gone over and I will provide them as soon as I’m done.

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