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Hello, i would like to ask if imaging for the legacy surveys will be continued in future. Thanks


We don’t have any more Legacy Surveys imaging planned. The current imaging was done to find galaxy targets to follow up with the DESI instrument (https://www.desi.lbl.gov/), and we observed enough area to enough depth for that project.

BUT, we are currently working on one more data release (DR10), where we will use more imaging (taken by other people) covering more area, and also including the i band (adding to the g,r,z bands we have done before).


Oh wow! I didn’t know you have a discussing board! :smiley:

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Is it possible to somehow automatically link comments on the same objects, for example by using a coordinate search box of a predetermined size?

Maybe even a pop-up at the instance someone is writing a comment showing the previous / first comment on that particular object.

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this sounds like a very good idea to be honest.

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