Viewer is slow again?

It was after an outage at NERSC, and I can’t see anything on MOTD. They claimed to fix a degraded problem in Spin, and now Spin service is degraded again?. Someone tripped a wire at NERSC server, and Cori (and maybe some other services) have crashed or gotten degraded.

I don’t have a NERSC account and without an account I couldn’t draft a report via ServiceNow portal.

My Pov: When I got back from the restaurant, I was starting on a project, but now the viewer is slow yet again, it was working earlier. The search bar is not working currently, and other features don’t work at all.

@dstn Maybe you should file a report at NERSC ServiceNow and tell them that Spin might be degraded again.

The only outage this time is Globus service having a bit of maintenance


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Restarted – try now?

Now the whole viewer completely shutdown and now it’s giving me this page. It was fixed a few hours ago.

UPDATE: Now it’s back, and it’s slow yet again.

Back to normal this morning and afternoon, and just crashed just after 4 p.m. Also appears SGA not loading at this time.

Phew! the day after the crash, back to normal!