Uploading .csv disabled?

is uploading a csv catalog disabled right now? Tried a csv files that worked previously but now fails.

and now it works again? Don’t know what is happening in the background but the viewer is also unavailable for a few seconds to minutes a lot of the time this past few days. Perhaps that is what causing the csv fail to upload too.

There was some sort of software upgrade in the host which lasted about 1-2 minutes and maybe they are doing a little preventative maintenance afterwards. On Wednesdays, there are some maintenance days to some of their supercomputers and storage systems so it is possible that the host might be unavailable for about 30 seconds or restarting, preventative maintenance, etc. It sometimes gives me “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” during this. Maybe @dstn will hand this information, dont’ no much about the host “Spin.”

Any outages are addresed at MOTD

I don’t know abou the CSV uploading issue, might be a bit of degraded performance by the time you tried to uploiad it.,

As far as I know, everything is back to normal, so if you’re seeing something different, please let me know.

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thanks! works like a charm now

I cannot upload the catalog New Polar Ring Atlas for March of 2024.
The file is written in a .csv and shows a HTTP 500 Internal server error.

Checked NERSC and could be related to Spin: 03/06/24 9:00-10:59 PST System Degraded
Please note updated end time.

Can you please post the CSV file (I mean, attach it here if you can)

I have run the example-cat file and it seems to be working. I am still investigating mine.

See below comment. Click the pen to download it

I believe I fixed it now. Time to update the NPA!

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