The search bar isn't working

The search bar for the surveys isn’t working. Does anyone know or think what caused this problem?

Works fine for me.

Then why isn’t it working for me?

What are you trying to search for?

I’m trying to search for arp catalog galaxies for fun. It was working a couple days ago, but now it shows the searching message for a minute then stops and doesn’t take me to the target object.

I’ve been having minor problems with the viewer too lately, it seems pretty laggy and unresponsive a lot of the times.

Perhaps because of this the search time takes too long and therefore it stops? I can’t look under the hood of the software / server so don’t know.

Same for me. Might be a problem on Leaflet for some reason, error?
I hit enter, and it still takes me to a random NGC object.
I searched for a different object, but it didn’t take me to the target object, just stays at the coordinates I’m at.
I did try cords, but no.

Hi admins, can you fix this? Thanks!

Due to an outage at the supercomputing center where the viewer is hosted. Nothing I can do about it!


I find it sad that we can’t do anything about this problem except wait for the people working the supercomputer to fix it.

Lol welcome to the world of hosted servers.

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At least still works.

That one lives on AWS

NERSC live status seem normal, viewer does not.

EDIT nvm it seems to be up and running nominally

EDIT oh no thats the AWS version? confused

I should have said: on the NERSC status page, the relevant part is the “Services: Spin” entry. They claim to have recovered it yesterday, though they still have some checks to do.

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And I am seeing the response time is very high and the service is almost unusable. I have filed a ticket…

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Ok sorry to bother you, thanks for the feedback

(I also do it just in case no one else reports)

Thanks, the feedback is appreciated, often I’m not aware of issues. I do have automated monitoring with, but that doesn’t catch everything.

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Welp, after more than a week later, the search bar is finally working again.

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The search bar is down: I get this message when entering an object. I want to take a shortcut to the coma cluster but it doesn’t direct to the Coma cluster. The coordinates and random NGC searches work fine, however.

It gives me this message in the image.

I checked NERSC, No outages

To make matters worse, simbad doesn’t work

@dstn What causes this?

Simbad was down for maintanence yesterday. If the search bar uses simbad for retrieving coordinates, that would be why it didnt work.