Radio lobes + possible optical synchrotron beams

Dustin perhaps you could take a sneak peek at the FITS files from this galaxy to see if the ‘rays’ up and down are real or extremely unlucky artefact (removal) lines

I’ve found these optical lines are aligned with the VLASS radio lobes, and Martin Hardcastle thinks they could be optical synchrotron features worthy of a write-up as there are no references for those in this galaxy yet.

I’ve tried checking tge Legacy Survey FITS files myself but Aladin Desktop then crashed on them. I’ve also checked the available HST images but either I don’t see them in there or maybe the upper one very faintly…

But that’s about as far as I can go

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I kind of see a bottom ray. I maybe see one on the top, but it doesn’t look aligned with the center – so that might just be a failure of squinting as a method of data analysis!

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Ah yes I hadn’t even noticed this! Good observation :clap:

But then again, assuming they are real, the bottom one isn’t either. Maybe as much off-center as the top one?

Slightly better Residuals here, tracing the bottom one upwards doesn’t hit dead center of the host as far as I can tell…

Also it looks like the top one has a long big bend in it (?)

Link to my Twitter post

(not so much a comment on this galaxy) but the ‘area’ of space this galaxy is in, has a crazy amount of absurdly bright galaxies, no matter what direction you go in

Checked all CCD images for artefacts, nothing in there

Available in HSC images g & r band, best visible in g band so definitely real. But linked to the radio lobes or coincidentally aligned? Can’t say for sure, there seem to be two more of these somewhat equal features in the HSC images (2 o’clock & 10 o’clock, plus horizontal artefact below core):

LINK to HSC Viewer g band (adjusted viewer settings)

14.3954, -1.3909