Question - Why do we only post three discussions in one day?

Ahh, I dont know…
That’s not how it works…

I don’t understand your comment / question :slight_smile: Are you saying the site isn’t letting you create more discussion topics? If that’s what you’re seeing, let me check. This site uses the “Discourse” software which has a lot of moderation and limits automatically enabled. I can manually bump up your user trust level if it is limiting you when it shouldn’t be!

Yes the site wont let us more create more than 3 topics
Is there a possibility to change the settings?
Literally all discuss sites lets you post comments, but this one dosent follow the rules? Shouldn’t even exist.
I am probably gong to post some things up until i get the message.and i will show you.

Hi William_Schnell, if I’m not mistaken you should get to Trust Level 1 automatically by simply performing some regular activities as explained in this blog post:

Hope this helps,

  • Alexander

EDIT hmm you already seem to be level ‘basic user’, so should be no posting problems now

Or if you hit that limit, please just let me know and I’ll bump up your user level. The Discourse forum software automates all this stuff, so usually it’s not an issue, but sometimes people are more enthusiastic than Discourse seems to think they should be :slight_smile:

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I only ran into this issue once. But it was no big deal, I just waited a day and then posted the topic.

Very rarely, will I post three topics in one day, I do two at the most tbh.

Hmmm, I went looking through the settings but I couldn’t find this specific rate limit setting. So if you hit this limit, please just write me a message and I’ll bump up your user trust level. It’s just part of the default Discourse settings that try to prevent abuse & spam of various types.