Other possible survey additions

Possibly interesting sky surveys to add to the viewer, some adding overlap for comparison, others adding new sky areas for completeness in optical / near-IR or radio;



especially S-PLUS adds a nice Southern patch in ugriz (outside LS DR10 & DECAPS)

S-PLUS & LS DR10 coverage side by side comparison

Because of your post I googled “S-PLUS” and found the following interesting article. The telescope is “only” 0.8m. S-PLUS

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Still, from my amateur subjective point of view J-PLUS & S-PLUS look like equivalent images to SDSS? (Whereas Skymapper is just about DSS, only 3 colours instead of 2)

The detector seems massive at 9232 x 9216 pixels

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PS both J-PLUS & S-PLUS have their own viewers; J-PLUS based on the widely used Aladin viewer (see SIMBAD) and S-PLUS has a much more cumbersome viewer, but also more versatile

LAMOST releases its DR10 data, containing more than 20 million spectra


No public data release, though?

Ouch, I automatically assumed publicly available. That doesn’t seems to be the case here seeing logins with authentication and such is needed.

That’s sad, I didn’t check because I didn’t expect such a Great Wall around the data

Yeah a lot of surveys don’t make data public for a number of years so that researchers at affiliated institutions can get some early time to work with the data.

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Makes sense, I’m so used to publicly available data I even missed the key clue in the first sentence :man_facepalming:t2:

“The LAMOST DR10 (v1.0 version) dataset was officially released to domestic astronomers and international partners on March 31, 2023.”