Links on the viewer don't work

By “viewer”, I mean

I’m using Firefox in MacOS (High Sierra something). At the bottom right of the page, I see four (maybe five) cyan separated text strings: “Tips & Tricks”, Leaflet", “Source”, …

Putting my mouse over them, I see they are links, e.g. However, when I click on any of them, nothing happens! :open_mouth:

Not part of this question, but to do with user experience: I now know that if I left-click on something in a legacysurvey image, I get choices like Link Here, and Data (and Discuss This Object :wink: ). Silly me, I thought I had to right-click to get that! Presumably this is all carefully explained in Tips & Tricks … if only I could open that webpage! :frowning:

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Huh, I get the same thing. Do you see a horizontal scroll-bar at the bottom? I wonder if it is grabbing the mouse click. I think this might have to do with the map being 1-2 pixels narrower than the window. I’m basically a novice javascript/css coder so if you have any hints…

The left-click / right-click thing is really up to the browser – the browser captures the right-click, while it passes the left-click to the page. This is also true in, eg, gmail and other web apps.


ps, thanks for the comments. :slight_smile: