JWST image from the Galaxy Zoo

Here is a typical image from the current Galaxy Zoo JWST project.

Galazy Zoo JWST - Subject 88105832 - levels adjusted

I think it is (they are) pretty interesting.

It not from the ‘Knock your Socks Off!’ beautiful image dept., it’s from the ‘Stand on your tippy toes and reach so high you can barely get fingers on it dept.’

These images come from the far reaches of the JWST’s ability to see with Z>=~9,
from the Cosmic Evolution Early Research Science (CEERS) survey initial reduction (v0.5) of NIRCam and MIRI image mosaics

As a citizen classifier it is a challenge to work with such unusual data. zooming usually doesn’t yield more information, WYSIWYG. The colors are odd and I am not sure what they mean.

They are so redshifted… what are the bright blue dots? Holy catz!