It looks like a jet going both sides of the galaxy in the middle?
It shows up in all surveys

36.3282, -8.7176
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It’s very uncommon to see jets in these surveys. In this case, the far more likely cause is interaction with the galaxy next to it which is also disturbed.

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agreed. no radio signal from central galaxy but there is from the one to the left and the one above. More likely buddy is getting unwound/disrupted by those 2 galaxies

I am not talking about radio jets btw. the stretch of the galaxy, what is it called? the disk?

Displaced material? Interaction plume? Not sure if there is a term tbh

I remember it’s called “tidal tails”

I was joking but yes - tidal tails


Jet from the right hand galaxy
RA,Dec = 19.6422, -0.2281
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The right hand galaxy in the VLASS 12 aurvey
Example Alt Text
Legacy Surveys DR9 residuals
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Residuals are just the difference from the model to the actual observations - can be helpful but models are often wrong. Interesting though. hard to see a jet from a point like that and especially hard when the galaxy is involved in an interaction/merger.

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