Jellyfish Galaxy? How many galaxies do you count?


wow - this looks amazing! the tail certainly has jellyfish characteristics but I don’t think it is RPS - the galaxy is very close to that other (unwinding) galaxy just above right of it). It is probably a gravitational interaction between the 2 galaxies.

That is another galaxy just up to the right so I count 2 galaxies


This is textbook ram pressure stripping. Its even in the literature as RPS.

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Very interesting Tom, do I understand it correctly that it is the rotation that creates a sort of “updrift”? Where gases and lighter object sort of get left as a trail as the galaxy travels though space? I would love it learn more about it, do you have any recommendations to read more about it?

This was indeed what I was wondering about, there are so many interesting things to find. Finding pictures like these where timing and angle are so perfect makes me so exited!

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its so cool - that tail is stunning

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Galaxy clusters are permeated by hot x-ray emitting gas known as the “interstellar medium”. When galaxies move into and through such a galactic cluster, they feel this gas as a wind (like if you run or cycle fast or stick your head out of the window in a car, you will feel wind even if there isn’t any). Sometimes this ‘wind’ is strong enough that the force it exerts is greater than the gravitational attraction of the dust to the galaxy. When this happens trails of dust and gas are removed from the galaxy and/or the arms of the galaxy start to unwind. Hope this helps

Have you looked at Zooniverse? They have a RPS and jellyfish galaxy identification project with some great researchers behind it

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my bad - I had some tunnel vision about the nearby galaxy. I still think some of the diffuse material is from the gravitational interaction

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It helps indeed, Thank you!