Interesting object~ ring or overlap?


I showed this to my colleague Arjun Dey and, looking at the SDSS spectrum, he said
“There are definitely two objects in the fiber here. The lines at [7552,7575.,7532.] are (Ha, [NII]6584, [NII]6548) at z=0.15075 or so, i.e., behind the z=0.11 galaxy. I doubt this is far enough for a lens, so maybe its just two things along the line of sight?”

In other words – one galaxy at redshift z=0.11, and another galaxy at redshift z=0.15 behind it!

Nice find!



Thank you so much! Especially for pointing out how to find out (the SDSS), now I will know how to check if I come across something like this again. I do appreciate it, I thought it was 2 but I really wanted to ‘know’.