Im so confused

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That’s the “model” layer –

In the Legacy Surveys data processing, we try to fit the observed galaxies with simple elliptical models. These don’t work for complicated spirals, so we end up coming up with mish-mashes like this, with tiny blue “galaxies” used to try to explain the spiral arms.



do you think the JWST will be used to make a survey map? or maybe another telescope that will be able to get details from very distant galaxies and other structures?

JWST has a tiny field of view, like HST. It’s not a survey telescope, it’s a details telescope.

Other upcoming space telescopes like Euclid and Nancy Grace Roman telescopes are equipped with wide-field cameras that are intended for surveys.


are the legacy survey images and the older legacy survey images taken at a different time? or are they essentially the same images

The older ones were produced as we were taking data, so they have usually a subset of the DR9 results.

are there any surveys that are a different time frame than the legacy DR9 images?

What do you mean by time frame?

data from two diffrent times rendered into separate maps of the universe, so if a supernova is spotted in one of them you can check another map rendered 6 months or a year after the first

Well, the Legacy Surveys images do span 4-5 years :slight_smile: And we’re in the process of developing tools to do just this for future observations with DECam.


ahhh that makes sense ok thank you

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