How to get a single band jpeg?

Code like this works fine:

But if I try to get just the g band data (say), I get a Server Error.

Of course, I can always get the g-band FITS … e.g.

curl -o ‘name’ ‘

Hmm, we don’t currently have that capability / option.


I’ve come across some jpegs which are just two (maybe even one?) band(s); I guess that part of the sky wasn’t observed in all three bands at the time the jpeg database was put together (I’ll see if I can find some examples later).

Do you know how those work, as in one can get a jpeg even if one of RGB is missing?

Correct, if we only observed some of the filters, then we generate a color JPEG lacking some of the color planes. But it’s not currently possible to purposely request only one or two bands :slight_smile:

I see. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can save a FITS (in one band only) as a jpeg (should be easy using DS9, right?) …