Hiding in plane sight unknown Hoag’s Object type galaxy

I found this Hoag’s Object type galaxy when looking around Legacy Survey best viewed in HSC DR2



Indeed - that is a ring galaxy.

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*ringed :stuck_out_tongue:

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angrily gestures at the wikipedia page because wikipedia is clearly always right
Is it a US/UK difference or just some common misconception?

Thanks though - always helpful to learn how to not sound silly :slight_smile:


Wait what?!


It seems that wiki refers to ring galaxies and papers refer to a max of ring/ringed galaxies. Might be US/UK difference


Nah wiki is just wrong; I follow the teachings of Christine’s Index

Chapter 2.4 & 2.5

PS I was joking a bit, not very serious here




Same - sorry if I came across as anything other than joking.

Fun story on the topic of proper nomenclature: I have a maths teacher who used to work as a researcher and his doctoral adviser was a Chinese professor called Dr Hu (numerous funny stories about when he called on behalf of DoctorHu/Who to Ireland in the 80’s) and Dr Hu didn’t like using the definite article. So my teacher told many stories of the times he (not knowing how it sounded) would refer to the fermi level as just fermi level. “we found fermi level of this to be xyz”. Same story for any term that would usually have a definite article :slight_smile:

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They’re both right I think. I have seen both in papers having just checked so no difference I don’t think.

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I do know what a Hoag’s Object is and I also know what a polar ring and other ring type galaxies are having spent the last year looking at them on Galaxy Zoo.

However, I found this ‘Ringed Galaxy’ last year and put it on the Galaxy Zoo Talk Page.
At the time ChristineM said said 'she thought it could be a new find?

Since then the there’s been no feed back at all. All I would like to know if it’s a new find or not?

PS I recognise AFJ from Galaxy Zoo

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Not sure if theres any active follow-up on every type of object (ring / ringed galaxies) at Galaxy Zoo

Voorwerp candidates are actively follow-up

Archival transients are reported by volunteers themselves

New Gravitational lenses (very rare) are probably looked at by astronomers

New Zooniverse project for Jellyfish Galaxies

Sometimes an important observer for Voorwerpjes (Alexei Moiseev) checks out new Polar Ring galaxies, I believe he and team have published papers / catalogs about new confirmed ones

And ofcourse the ‘collect all’ category Zoogems (maybe V2 soon) where everything can be proposed, but that’s just one HST snapshot in one filter

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To check out the novelty of a find I guess you could check out the references in SIMBAD on an object (& catalogs in VizieR), no certainty that it will be follow-up / confirmed though…

Yes and I think and any sort of new nebulae are also looked at I believe

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Yeah the Voorwerpjes ofcourse, and self-reporting candidate planetary nebulae at planetarynebulae . net (pocketed at least one for now, had high hopes for IRAS 12311-3509 but nothing so far, perhaps someone else beat me to it and it was already in the HASH database, haven’t checked)

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Is this just me, or does the ring look like a speeding tire?

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yeh it does - like it is going clockwise.