Geostationary Satellite?

Let me think here. Geostationary satellite?
In 2 minutes, it moves 2 minutes to the left.
In 1440 minutes (24hr), it moves 1400 minutes (24 hrs) to the left.
So it orbits the earth every 24 hours.
It is above the equator, where geostationary satellites are placed. Could be.
But usually see more than one, since they appear in groups.

The track wobbles. A tumbling rocket stage might wobble as it rotates end over end,

Discussed in Galaxy Zoo Talk

That’s awesome!

The track appears in these two CCDs.

We see the geosync (or is it geostat) satellites at about +5 Dec, because DECam is at ~ -30 latitude; eg

I think maybe geosync geosat- geodetic satellite or Geosat follow -on GFO or GFO-2. No commercial geosats. Thanks.