DECaLS down today

I try accessing the website, gives me 503.
I checked NERSC and the issue relates to the Community file system [CFS] being degraded. Cori and Pearlmutter are both degraded

Yeah, website down for me too. Are they working on the CFS issue?

Yes, very much so

Good news and bad news

Good news! The AWS public version is available, avalible at and Which unfortunately has missing features. The DECaPS version is avalible at and has all the other features, including DR10 and older legacy surveys. The has newer images. But from a different survey, no DR10. Dev version runs on CFS and is down.

Bad news: unfortunately the CFS outage won’t be over until Feb 22 but I’m afraid that the whole website would be down until around early March.

Appears Legacy Survey Sky Browser seems to be back up now.

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