A.F. Jonkeren from the Galaxy Zoo project. I found the object at 310.4937, -23.1055 might be a comet.

I would like to ask you whether that’s a comet,~ I queried JPL and I got no matching results.

Any ideas?

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MPC says its P/2021 J3 (ATLAS). Presumably a comet, as it follow the ID format for comets.

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Mr. A, F, Jonkeren has the questions:

Cool that it can be retraced back to a known object.
Aren’t comets in the JPL small-bodies database?
And does the name imply it was discovered in the same year it was imaged in LS DR10 in z band?
Thanks for checking!
I didn’t even think of checking the JPL database because it didn’t look like an asteroid andI’ve no experience with comets.