Carbon star with jets / nebulae

IRAS 12311-3509 - Carbon Star

No references for the ‘jets’, I’ve posted it on Galaxy Zoo and tagged several astronomers on Twitter, but no response whatsoever so far

Weird stuff


That is one of the coolest things I have seen here- amazing find!

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As said no ref for this except “must have dusty disk” as far as I can find.

Very weird not one of tagged astronomers / astrophysicists react except one who said “I don’t know I’m not the right person to ask”


Yeah, you may want to look for some recent AGB/carbon star papers, and email the corresponding authors to see what they think. Thats what I usually do when i’m curious about something not in my field.

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Yeah I tried that with certain papers and then finding the authors on Twitter

Perhaps emailing is better, but so far it seems silence is the only reaction they can think of, and I have no clue why. Perhaps because I’m not a pro or something, who knows…

I’m sure you’ve seen this:

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Yes indeed I have, many times really because it is about the only work that actually covers IRAS 12311-3509 ‘in-depth’, so I always seem to come back around to this. From an amateur perspective great work and speculation, but I doubt even the late T. Lloyd Evans could in his wildest speculations come up with this crazy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for searching though, i might have overseen some important reference.

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Actually, I think its just a joke by Dustin; he created a carbon star TIE fighter to see if it can make the headlines :crazy_face:

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(Disclaimer: I know it isn’t because it’s also partly visible in DSS red)

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Bi-cone structure at carbon star IRAS 12311-3509 registered as ‘Jonk Objet 1’ at


Spectrum of Jonk Objet 1 taken by 2SPOT in Chile, commenting “This object has a similar morphology to Hen 3-401 but shows a very faint Halpha line in emission, barely visible, unlike Hen 3-401.”

For me it is difficult to see if the slit actually covers the bi-polar structures or just misses them


Here is my attempt at replicating the position of the slit position on the LS DR10 image of IRAS 12311-3509 / Jonk Objet 1

By the looks of it it might have clipped the corners or the two cone features, but this completely depends on the width of the slit, which I cannot determine from such a pixelated image.

In any case it seems reasonable the slit completely missed the two green line features connecting the cones with the central star. Bit of a missed opportunity as far as I can tell…


SLIT IRAS 12311-3509