Been having tach issues lately, and a bug with the website?

For some reason I encountered some bugs that cause comments/replies to disappear after the page loads, not sure what to do but ask Dustin or send a bug report to the discourse team? Anyone experienced this too?

I just sent a notice to the people at Discource and hopefully they can resolve the bug.

Hi Dustin. (@dstn)

I sent feedback to the Discourse community about this bug and I got this message.

Could this be a spam auto-tool at work? Posts can sometimes be removed from public view and sent to the Review Queue for moderation. Would any of the disappearing comments be from new users or similar?

If you have anything to say, Please forward that to me and I can forward that to JammyDodger, or reply to him at the link above.

Thank you.

When I go to the Review page, I don’t see any posts listed.

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Looks like it’s just you, not happening to me at all. :thinking:

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Sounds interesting, I wonder if it has something to do with my settings. I will have a look.