Artifact or transient object?

I know there are some artifacts in the DECaLS data. Is the bluish feature an artifact? Not visible in SDSS.

166.5178, 11.0281

I have seen the blue-green color combination a lot from asteroids in DECaLS.

Might just be that the different filter images where taken close after each other for this image.

Have you checked the dates of the CCD exposures?

And you can also check for asteroids at the NASA JPL small body database, an asteroid as bright as this should be known and its trajectory very well known.

PS please provide the link into DECaLS below posted images, makes investigations much easier and faster :slight_smile:

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(If you’re looking in the DECaLS image viewer, when you click on the sky, a popup will come up, and if you hit “Discuss This Object”, it’ll create a new post in this forum, with a link to what you were looking at.)

Yeah, the blue and green channels of the images, g and r bands, are typically taken back-to-back, a minute or two apart, so slow-moving transients or moving objects will show up as cyan.


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A very late reply but this is #main-belt #asteroid 179153 (2001 TO23). :slightly_smiling_face:

Ine :stars::dizzy: