Are HSC DR3 cutouts somehow not working?

I see links that HSC DR3 cutouts from the ‘dev’ version are somehow showing up as blank images. Could you fix it @dstn?

Likely they will be ‘fixed’ when HSC DR3 is available in the actual viewer and not the dev version, another gooed reason to use the regular viewer.

Nothing in the dev version is guaranteed to work :slight_smile:

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Okay so do we need to release HSC DR3 into the normal viewer not on the viewer-dev version?

“We” :wink:


If you want to look at HSC DR3, just use the HSC viewer

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are you going to correct this? put HSC in the actual viewer and fix the cutout problem?

Well, I never knew that. so the “dev” is the broken viewer :laughing:

The dev viewer is a development platform, not designed for standard use.