Another Herschel Detected Object (PNe in LMC)

Yet I find nothing of the likes of “PNe”, or “PNe Candidate”, just a detection in two wavelengths in the Vizier Herschel catalog…

This candidate is a classic blue ring, rather obvious tbh and was hard to miss. As with last time, I was hunting for clusters before finishing up that search to send in all my new opc/association candidates, and located this, something I was not searching for…

I ask this only because if there is nothing concrete on what the object is, is credit still available.

This is the same situation regarding my open cluster finds which have been approved. Most of my EC finds were known as 2MASS IR sources, IRAS sources, or LEDA galaxies. But because nobody was able to conclude that the object had an embedded cluster of stars inside until I managed to do it, I got discovery credit and it became a Pickard object.

If this is the case, I think credit is still available for both finds, once a spectrum is completed. Unless there is a literature somewhere saying both of these are quote PNe Candidates, Probable PNe, etc.

Yep, another nice one, with good PN morphology.

I’ve double checked all the vizier tables, and you’re good to go on reporting this - its not a known candidate.

Worth mentioning that the majority of catalogs in vizier (including all the ones you mentioned) aren’t picked by hand. They’re just detected by a computerized search based on some criteria and millions/billions of objects are then lumped in a catalog. Very few of the sources in these catalogs have actually been examined in any detail. Definitely don’t take membership in a catalog like this as the object being known.