WRAY 15-811 - Carbon star - Runaway Star - Bow Shock





Very interesting - thank you!

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oh that’s so cool!

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Two interesting bits in the article you posted.

  • The star is orbiting the Milky Way circularly (how did it gain the velocity to “outrun” it’s galactic neighbors?)
  • It’s fixin’ to go nova

Most interesting astronomy article I’ve read in some time. The maths hurt my brain though.


Runaway stars are generally ejected from multiple systems through gravitational interactions or as a result of a supernova of one of the members, if I recall correctly.

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The article links runaway star to here:

If it’s a hypervelocity star I guess it’s very different:

“Two competing production mechanisms for runaway stars have been used for explaining their origin: dynamical ejection from dense groups and supernovae occurring in binaries. The latter route would lead to some fraction of the runaway stars being accompanied by a neutron star. Searches for compact companions to runaway stars have however mostly been unsuccessful, which is often interpreted as favouring dynamical ejection. On the other hand, the effects of natal kicks due to asymmetric supernova explosions have to be taken into account when comparing with observational data.”


So is it just the mass-loss from a supernova that ejects the pair out of a group? Or also the mass-loss from a binary that makes the binary pair sweep away from each other?

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