Word rules

Think I have figured out a way to stop future arguments. All posts with certain key words that are likely to come up in an argument (“aggressive”, “rude”, “fight” - we can add more if needed) will now get flagged for review before getting everyone can see them.

I have also added a list of profanities that are now banned from an online list of blacklisted words and phrases - the depths of the internet continue to terrify. I doubt this block will ever be used but its better to avoid any possible situation imo.


Where is this list of blacklisted words, I’m curious now

It’s words and phrases - about 1,700 to be exact. If you don’t know it don’t google it - the results are good nightmare material. If you still wish to it’s under Admin (from hamburger icon) then customise. Banned words are under Block, anti-argument stuff is under require approval and link seems like a very good tool :slight_smile:

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