Wild view in single exposure but not sure what it is



The single exposure images where the ‘other’ object is visible are all from the same date, and it looks like it’s moving.

So I’m guessing asteroid

Looks like 4 single images on different times should give a good indication of trajectory / movement on the sky :slight_smile:

How’d you find this anyway, its only in the single image exposures

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I get bored easy. sometimes I’m not searching for anything particular and in reality, there is just as much of a chance for an anomaly to show up in single exposures as there is on the viewer. Actually more so IMO.

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Another point I would make is the jet @ m87 is invisible on the viewer but plain as day on the single exposures. That’s an example of why I look at those exposures and not just the processed end result. With the M87 example, you may be able to mess with the saturation or other color settings to make it present itself.

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