Wide field JWST?

I’ve seen some wide field pictures from jwst.
Will there be enough in the future to make a layer out of them here?

I doubt it. JWST individual exposures are only a few arcminutes in width, and it is just not designed to survey large areas. An all-sky viewer just isn’t a very good platform to show its images.


Thank you!


What about the data from the JWST surveys CEERS and JADES? Could they be used to form layers in legacy so that we can browse aorund?



CEERS covers 100 square arcminutes and I think JADES is about 230 square arc minutes. The sky is of order 1*10^8 square arc minutes so I think there is the same problem sadly. It’s a very small survey and so putting it on a whole sky survey website isn’t the best place for it. I imagine it is also fairly data heavy and so it would be a disproportionate amount of time spent on putting up a very small survey.

As I stated before in GZ, I have already found a CEERS viewer here.


Thank you.

@dstn have you seen the JWST COSMOS web survey?
I downloaded the files but I’m not sure what to use to view the survey.

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Quickly poking around on that web page I don’t see any actual data files for download… I see they’ve put out a big JPEG view (nice).

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I can’t open the files fsr but if you click on “public data release” then go to the link are these photos only?

Oh yeah, there it is :slight_smile: Looks like they have produced one mosaiced image per band/filter. These are in FITS image format. You can open those with SAOImage DS9, or convert to other image formats with Fits Liberator (among others).
eg if you grab https://exchg.calet.org/cosmosweb-public/DR0.2/NIRCam/mosaic_nircam_f115w_COSMOS-Web_60mas_v0_2_i2d.fits.gz
and view it in ds9 with
ds9 mosaic_nircam_f115w_COSMOS-Web_60mas_v0_2_i2d.fits -scale limits 0 0.2
you’ll get something like this:


Cool thanks Dustin!

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