Why tiled?


On max zoom-out, one sees the whole region tiled several times horizontally. What’s the purpose of this?

The globe wraps around

It’s still not clear to me. A globe tiling has one translational unit. A map tiling like a mercator projection has the origin in a nw corner. Is the pink-circled group here the the unique unit that has just been repeated for some reason?

Yup. What do you think should happen – there should only be one copy of it, and you can scroll away from it?
Google Maps avoids this issue by not allowing you to zoom out quite so much.

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PS, at more zoomed-in levels, you can keep scrolling left or right and the sky will repeat. This is just the same

I’m not sure what should happen. I assume there’s some kind of best practice for giga-photography, but I know nothing about it. I think they way it works is fine, but initially I wasn’t sure if each was a separate unique region. Things were mind-blowing enough.