White hole?



Welcome! Sadly not - this is a globular cluster of stars. This means it is a bunch of stars held together by gravitational attraction. The closer to the centre, the more stars. In the very centre there are so many that the light has overexposed the detector causing the dot at the centre to appear

White holes have only been theoretically predicted to exist and none have ever been observed so you won’t see any on this website sadly :slight_smile:


I’d never heard of white holes before, but I know black holes, but they’re smaller in the DECals Survey

They are a weird thing. Try dive into the wiki page. They have been popularised by a couple of YouTube videos that are a little clickbaity but they are essentially a weird implication of certain solutions to EFEs. Reading that wormhole will lead to an endless trail of different disciplines within physics however - be warned. String theory, brane theory, the mathematics of Einstein-Rosen bridges - it won’t end.

Speaking of globular clusters. I watched this talk about black holes in GC’s over the weekend and it’s pretty compelling Kyle Kremer

thank you - watching now. very interesting

Black holes “falling to the middle”- pretty dang interesting

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