What is this? Is it a star?

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I’m not sure. but i think it is CW Leonis / IRC +10216

Please correct me if i’m wrong

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Yup, a very red star (check out the Legacy Surveys DR9 images and see how it looks like an unremarkable red star there, but it’s incredibly bright in WISE). The long spikes coming off of it are “diffraction spikes” due to telescope optics.

Cool! Thank you for your help.

In IRSA finder chart coords for a clearly superbright in WISE is concordant with coords of CW Leo in wikipedia(146.9311852, 13.0473776) that are a bit different from those in Legacy survey image.
BUT in VSX coords for CW Leo are the following:
09 47 57.42 +13 16 43.3 (146.98925 +13.27869 looking in Aladin lite with this last coords, and comparing DSS2/red with 2MASS the object “explode” and in allWISE is completely saturated

It’s a carbon star, which tend to be extremely bright in the mid-infrared, so yeah, wouldnt surprise me if it stands out in WISE images.