What is the "unfinished zone"?


If you zoom out a bit you’ll see the “DES tank”, the survey footprint of the Dark Energy Survey (much of which is now public and was used in the Legacy Surveys data reductions).

After DES, other groups have applied for time to fill in parts of it. But it takes time to do! The place where you’re looking, at Dec=-25, is at the southern limit of the sky we can see with DESI in Arizona, so it’s not a huge priority for us to take images there. I believe that imaging was done by folks associated with the eROSITA x-ray satellite (to find optical counterparts to x-ray sources).


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When is the unfinished zone being in the griz colors and being finished when DR10 comes out?

Hmm?? The coverage you see in DR10-early is the same coverage as will be in DR10.

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Did you mean by the link at the top of the page?

The link at the top of the page is showing the coverage in DR10-early, and that’s the same coverage that will be in DR10.

Will it still be unfinished?

Yes, correct

Ah, Lots of unfinished images: Maybe more data will continue to finish it.