What is going on here?

SIMBAD has this down as interacting but I can’t figure out what it is interacting with. My only idea is that there is one galaxy behind another (as possible indicated by the bright dot next to the spiral’s core). Is this correct or is there something else going on here?

It is a peculiar galaxy listed in the AM catalog. So what’s why it is in the AM catalog?

Sorry, I am not sure I understand your response (I’m probably just being slow). I couldn’t understand why SIMBAD says it is two interacting galaxies - I can’t find the other unless it’s seemingly one behind

There appears to be a lot of dust in this galaxy.

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Look at the “object types” above the main header.
Object types Find IG=interacting galaxies
When you find it, then you see that there is a catalog listed, and a reference. But however it is not.

See the image below, and under the blue in the second.

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a small E0 elliptical (to the SE) could be the culprit…may well a satellite

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oh yes I see what you mean. I think it would be from the same paper linked under galaxy but someone hasn’t done their filling in properly. Might just be a galaxy mislisted as interacting though and that’s what I’m wondering about. Any opinions?

Sometimes SIMBAD listed it as “Interacting Galaxies” due to it being very disturbed. I think the object SE might be a foreground star, but I could be a little wrong.

I think you’re right - a little too bright for anything else. I guess just a little disturbed then