What are these? No sign in SDSS (too weak?)


If you look at the cutouts,
you’ll see that it appears in only the first four images – which were all taken on the same night. It’ll be an asteroid, though I didn’t find a match in the JPL small bodies database.



How can I view the cutouts myself? I tried all the buttons when I have marked an object but nothing displays cutouts as in your link.

:slight_smile: The cutouts link is kind of hidden – I should make it more clear. When you click on the map, the popup has links for “Link Here”, “Data”, “Cutout”, “Discuss”, but also the RA,Dec coordinates is a link – that’s the link to the cutouts.

And writing that, I see how silly it is, so I just added a link called “Single Image Cutouts”.

Thanks for the comment!

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Aha! that was well hidden! :grinning: I tried it just now and it worked - thanks.