Weird looking


Two galaxies in same line of sight?

Yes, I thought that at first, but the blue component does not seem to have a bright centre, which one would expect to see with so much star-burst activity. I wondered if it might be a polar ring, but it looks too expansive for that (hence I thought it was a bit weird).

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Seems polaring ring to me however weird

Yes, on looking more closely it is possible to see the blue ring passes in front of the bright galaxy at the top, but not at the bottom, suggesting that it is actually surrounding the galaxy. I think this is highly likely to be a very spectacular polar ring. :grinning:

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Spectacular indeed- another great (hopefully) JWST target

Probably a better HST target as i’m not sure there’s a whole lot going on in the infrared with the polar ring, but its certainly spectacular!

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That would indeed be cool!

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looks like a circle of stars around the galaxy…

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Yes, a polar ring is a ring of stars thrown out from the galaxy as a result of a collision with a smaller galaxy that has been absorbed into the larger one. Such rings are not usually so bright and blue. I think this is somewhat unusual (if indeed it is a polar ring).

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#interesting-things:beautiful-or-unusual-objects might be the case lol

You’re right! :smiley:

@StarGazer I think Should be in #interesting-things:beautiful-or-unusual-objects whoever found this.
Chris’s posts have some insanely wild galaxies Check it out!