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aren’t Verwoopjes usually green

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just found some that are blue…

Totally depends on colour mapping of the bands,SDSS gri bands are mapped to blue - green - red, so the closest Voorwerpjes should be blue (Hanny’s Voorwerp “What’s the blue stuff below.?”), higher redshift become green in SDSS and I guess theoretically even higher could be red, although I doubt SDSS is sensitive enough (never seen a red candidate)

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But yeah usually they are depicted green, even the famous HST images from the first Voorwerpjes depict them in green, even in the HST image of Hanny’s Voorwerp

(I remember Melina made a plot of what SDSS colour to expect at which redshift)

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Yeah I don’t really see a VLASS signature on that but likely a faraway starburst galaxy.

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As Tom interestingly mentioned, no VLASS signature always needed. Doesn’t seem to me to be a voorwerp. Don’t tend to see them either side of a galaxy in such a regular yet discrete pattern (from my experience at least)

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Definitely some sort of AGN, i think thats some sort of quasar