Viewer slow / unresponsive

Hi I’ve noticed the viewer is very slow and unresponsive lately.

Slow to load any of the surveys + SDSS spectra, especially HSC DR2, but also sometimes forgets to load a tile completely.

I’m now using CSV files to speedrun through certain types of objects, but oftentimes the only way to actually see the object in my custom catalog overlay is to zoom in - zoom out, flip back & forth between different objects etc. Most annoying is often when the tile the viewer is refusing to load is actually the center tile! that is the object of interest :’(

Also the custom catalog overlay often goes completely offraod when you pass the whole number of 100’s; say when i get to object #199 and then go on to #200 it might refert back to object #100, or even flip to #300!

Just wanted to let you know in case no one has mentioned this.

I have the same problem.And there is also another problem. I can’t look up if an object is an asteroid or not. If I click on: Look up in JPL Small Bodies database on the exposures page. I got this: Server Error 500. (see image below) It does not connect with JPL Small Body Database. Can you fix these problems Dustin? Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ine :stars::dizzy:

Odd, I never get the JPL option anymore,ever. :thinking:

This is due to an extended outage at the supercomputing center – you can check on the status at MOTD under the “Spin” service.

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