Viewer is back!

A little earlier than expected, it’s alive again!

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Yeah! Thanks for all your hard work Dustin

Dang- think it’s broker again

try now, should be ok

Yep it’s back up!

Getting a 503 right now.
Edit: The server works again. However, SDSS doesn’t seem to be functioning.

I’m finding it flaky right now. I did not see a problem with SDSS, though. Was there a part of sky you were looking at?

Nope, all zoomed out and it’s all background grey.

Ahhh, yeah, I know what this is now. The SDSS layer lives on a machine whose top-level DNS name just disappeared ( is now, and that machine’s DNS entry did not survive the transition. I have just updated the DNS record. It may take 30 minutes to update…


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