Unusual galaxy with material


Wow this is very unusual I feel. Can’t see anything it might have interacted with or anything that could have flown through/by it but equally doesn’t feel like RPS. Any ideas?


would greatly appreciate anyone’s knowledge on this

Expanded view of this galaxy is rather spectacular. My only guess is that the interacting galaxy could be “behind” the affected galaxy?
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 9.18.37 AM


There is a slight radio signature directly in the center of the subject galaxy.
Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 9.43.54 AM

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absolutely stunning. I had thought that too and it is down in SIMBAD as a merger but I can’t find any evidence of another galaxy nearby.

What do you think this suggests? have a theory but don’t want to bias your thought process

WAG: Growing black hole inflows at center of the galaxy causing instability with outer bands?

thought there was definitely some destabilisation. turns out buddy here is called NGC5221 and someone has done a paper on the gas trail of him

Paper linked here

Seems the paper is saying the tidal arm stretching is the result of a long ago interaction. So the interfering galaxy is so far away now as not to be anywhere near NCG5221?

seems like it but what I still can’t see is why the galaxy has been pulled in 2 directions. one tail is much longer than the other so could be 2 interactions? still seems unusual imo (not that my opinion should be held with any regard)

Maybe it’s an optical illusion and the tail pointing toward the telescope is actually as long as the one on the other side? Would love to see JWST take a look.

same - would be amazing. I love astrobiology and I have a long list of things that I would like JWST to have a look at - guess I’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:

The 2 bigger + 1 smaller below this one have the same redshift as target galaxy, looks like it’s swooping around on very long timescale

10^9 years according to that paper. still, not exactly textbook anything. cool to see

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Amazing find! This whole post is perfection :sparkles:

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stunning galaxy tbh

Should be in #interesting-things:beautiful-or-unusual-objects

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thank you for the reminder