Transient: Nova? Supernova?

According to NED there is a galaxy on this location. SDSS gives no image.

Source RA,Dec = 116.2192, 10.5370
Source type: P
Mags: g=NaN, r=NaN, z=18.00
Brick: 1161p105, Objid: 3600
Number of exposures: g=2, r=1, z=1

You know there’s an SDSS layer in the Legacy Surveys sky viewer, right? :slight_smile: Yeah, nothing in SDSS, and an extremely red color – my guess is some kind of transient. For your supposed NED galaxy, I would check what coordinates and which survey it’s coming from. If we don’t detect anything in Legacy Surveys, it would have to be much deeper.

Must have been a bit confused, but NED only seems to be having the object (dark spot), but no source on that location.

So I checked MPC. There is an offset from the coords i used of:

Thats in arcminutes so its entirely possible this isnt the object. The MPC object is 2009 SP399

Any ways to check them via another way? These links to jpl are more dead than hit.
I found 10 more today, all in the same region. I’d love to be able to check them quicker.

The red blob is no transient but main-belt asteroid 87063 (2000 KO53)

Ine :stars::dizzy: