Three galaxies colliding?


Iā€™m sure it would depend on the redshifts, but it sure looks like three colliding with a fourth flirting- nice find!

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NED shows redshift for two of the galaxies.

name ra dec redshift
VV 697 NED01 358.95088 25.50878 0.05711
VV 697 NED02 358.95912 25.50600 0.057797

NED cone search

Those two galaxies are also in the catalog Compact groups of galaxies from SDSS-DR12 (MLCG) (Sohn+, 2016)

I think the third galaxy (358.95892, 25.50799) is just an overlap, because it is not disturbed and does not show many signs of a merger.

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This is a nice find, imagine the spectacle of these 3 or 4 galaxies doing the dance with each other.