This one has me cleaning my pc monitors

Are these two masses(the blueish-white clouds) interacting?

To me it looks like the purple color is faintly spreading from objects towards each other?

Gonna try to find more on this one, would be cool if they are interacting, or starting to.

By the way, the “skyserver” is showing the SDSS data, which is also available in the Legacy Surveys viewer – look under “More surveys” → “SDSS”, eg

If you mean the two brightest objects in that image – two (or more) galaxies – then I think the answer is “maybe”. Photo-z (guesses at their redshifts / distances based on their colors) puts them possibly at the same distance (or possibly the top one further away). The bottom one looks disturbed, as it might after interacting with the top one. It’s always a guesss :slight_smile: