The galaxy's bar disappeared


Is it similar to Hoag’s object?

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Hoag’s Object is a ring galaxy. It is believed that they form when a smaller galaxy passes through the centre of a larger galaxy. As a galaxy is mostly empty space, very few actual collisions occur but a wave of star formation is caused by the gravitational disruptions. I do not know whether this is a ring galaxy or not (I would love another option) but I suspect it might not be. I think it might just be an unbarred spiral - there is what seems to be a spiral structure.

Looks like a ring galaxy to me. Gotta remember that ring galaxies still have rotation, so they will look a bit spiral.

if you zoom it in, the disk is odd and clearly has a story to tell.

The strangest aspect is that the near side appears to have been sliced off - as though there was a very neat sideswipe… weird.

It looks to me like a sizeable object fell into a staid elliptical, made two or three orbits and then joined the core in a high speed pas de deux and eventual union.

This would have two main effects. It would have sped up the rotation speed of the system, and it would have made the core more massive.

I think I remember that those two forces would have pushed stars out into higher orbits but at the same time the nearer stars would have been attracted inward.

yeah, it was sick of all the intoxicated space travelers :grin:

agree, at different angle this would look like a ring galaxy… if that’s what you meant anyway

Fair enough. I just thought it lacked enough ring-like properties but I was comparing it with (perfectly circular) Hoag’s object