Supernove question

When you find a supernova, do you add it to
its the supernova catalog

In the past I used the transient name server (TNS) more often to add transient candidates. But it turned out to be too much work for me.

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No, this is the official site to report.

But you cannot just report. You must be admitted first. To be admitted you must have a certain knowledge and understand how to report. Also how to calculate magnitudes with mathematical eqation(s) and a photometry program. The Apparent magnitude and other important data are required to report. You must know very well the difference between artifacts, asteroids, supernova candidates etc. And have discovered at least some supernovae. You must understand various data sources including PanSTARRS AND JPL.

Because the reports are added to a scientific database
where you cannot afford to make major mistakes.

But there are people who can report for you including me.That is, if it is a good candidate and other options are excluded.

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