object in the cutot on galaxy SDSS J152811.89+301708.0 observed 2018-03-19 in R and G filters, no small bodies references and nothing in TNS


Yes nothing in PanSTARRS either so probably a legit transient / unreported supernova. The image cutouts is still behaving badly for me so can’t check the image cutouts myself.

But cool find, do you know how to file a transient at tne TNS? Otherwise you might get help with that at the Galaxy Zoo forum, me and a few others have reported our own finds in the past.

Thanks Alexander, the reality is that I have never presented anything in the TNS. I would be very grateful if you could inform me how to do it for possible future occasions.
In the catalog of DECaLS DR7 the source appears with this data.

Source RA, Dec = 232.0492, 30.2845
Source type: D
Mags: g = 21.51, r = 21.06, z = 22.88
Brick: 2321p302, Objid: 2821
Number of exposures: g = 2, r = 2, z = 1


Ah that is great, usually the biggest problem could be to determine the magnitude. But since that is given here that is no problem. I think that you’ve also collected all the data needed to report at the TNS.

I’m sure you’re quite capable of submitting yourself and also would enjoy that the most. So my advice right now is just apply at the TNS for an account. By my estimate it can take about 3-5 days before it gets through the papermill and then you’re all set :slight_smile:

By that time I’l try to pull up one of my previous DECaLS transient submissions to see what more info you could need.

Getting ahead of the situation I already have an account in the TNS.
So willing to be my guide and see if it can really be confirmed.

I doubt confirmation will ever possible with a transient / supernova imaged on 2018-03-19, I usually just report for the fun of itself.

Here is a DECaLS transient I found and submitted you can use as example, not much more to it. If you’re successful or find any other info that is important with submitting please let me know :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Submitted like 2018lmm and waiting to see if it is verified.

Many thanks Alexander


I doubt theres any chance it will be verified ever, if so it would still have to be visible. Hmm perhaps not impossible but highly unlikely?