The green blob is a supernova with a duration of at least 2 months.


Hi from me :slight_smile:
Yes, it is a supernova candidate, but has already been recorded.
It is AT 2016csk

[Edit: actually, do they have only one observation? Is your observation with DECaLS legacy survey better?]

You can look for recorded supernova in
Make sure you change search parameters to 100 years.

In Galaxy Zoo, we have found some unrecorded transients, and reported them.

Supernova candidates hunt 2019- 2020

Hi ChristineM,

Yeah, I actually noticed from Simbad that it was recorded, a while after I had posted this. :frowning:

Thanks for the links, I’ll definitely bookmark them! That’s very cool, I’ve done some classifications for several projects at Zooniverse, so I might also join you in Galaxy Zoo. :slight_smile:

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